Name Change

From Timothy Robert Baldoni to Timid Robot Zehta

I changed my name from Tim Baldoni in September of 2012.


Q. Why Timid?
A. I like it. It fills me with delight. It can be abbreviated "Tim". A
wider ranger of people know what it means. I'm an introvert.
Additionally, I will be very pleased to disassociate myself with a
name that professes a belief.

Q. Why Robot?
A. I really like it. It fills me with more delight than "Timid". It
can be abbreviated "Rob". I mean no disrespect to my namesake. I am
also under no obligation to honor a man I never knew. I do regret
loosing a name with germanic origins. Domo arigato!

Q. Why Zehta?
A. It comes from the SI prefix "zetta-", meaning a sextillion of
something. That's a big number. It starts with "Z", making it easy to
find my name on lists. It is short and I could secure the domain name.

Q. You based your selection of a surname on available domain names?
A. Yes, most of my world is connected to the Internet--most of my
favorite things. There are no 4 character domain names left (except
expired ones being resold).

Q. How long have you been planning this?
A. I started to do research on a new name when I decided to file for
divorce (it turns out I only had two choices at that time). Since
then, I have continued to brainstorm, research, and document options.

From Timothy Robert Wheeler to Timothy Robert Baldoni

I changed my name from Tim Wheeler in August of 2004.  I got pretty good use (Name Tags) from it before the change.

I was known as Tim Wheeler at Sarah Lawrence CollegeUpland High School, and in Centralia.


I was married.