Name Change

My legal name, Timid Robot Zehta, was chosen by me and changed via court order.


Q. When did you change your name?
A. 2012 September

Q. What are your previous names?
A. The name assigned to me at birth was Timothy Robert Wheeler. For a few years prior to 2012, it was Timothy Robert Baldoni.

Q. Why Timid?
A. I like it. It fills me with delight. It can be abbreviated "Tim". A
wider ranger of people know what it means. I'm an introvert.
Additionally, I will be very pleased to disassociate myself with a
name that professes a belief.

Q. Why Robot?
A. I really like it. It fills me with more delight than "Timid". It
can be abbreviated "Rob". I mean no disrespect to my namesake. I am
also under no obligation to honor a man I never knew. I do regret
loosing a name with germanic origins. Domo arigato!

Q. Why Zehta?
A. It comes from the SI prefix "zetta-", meaning a sextillion of
something. That's a big number. It starts with "Z", making it easy to
find my name on lists. It is short and I could secure the domain name.

Q. You based your selection of a surname on available domain names?
A. Yes, most of my world is connected to the Internet--most of my
favorite things. There are no 4 character domain names left (except
expired ones being resold).